As an ardent advocate of health and fitness, I will be sponsoring a program where I will volunteer to be your fitness partner (hence, FITBudy), in various activities. Whether it is walking, working out at the gym, dancing, playing racquetball, or even going zip-lining, as an urgent call to everyone to get fit and get healthy, I will be volunteering my time to accompany you to get you started in some type of  physical activity.

This program is free (my time with you) and will be on-going in Indianapolis and the Midwest

(depending on where I travel to) from November 1st, 2015 – January 31st, 2016

This is in collaboration with  the following companies, where you will be offerred discounted sessions

or complimentary trial passes

Champ Chiropractic  – Total body fitness & chirpractic care

Eric Byers – West Coast Swing dance

Family Karate Academy – Karate instruction

The School of Self defence –  Mix martial arts instruction

BEnow Fitness – Gym, Personal Training & Fitness camps

Relax Adjust Zone – Massage and healthy mind thearapy

For more info or to schedule a time and activity, send email to: