My life, to this point, and every image depicted here is a culmination of years of experimenting with the concept of person in environment. It is a distillation of what naturally promotes balance both within and without our being.  To me the essence of being is simply to be; being true to oneself, one’s identity, personality, and soul – this is elementary, it is the élan vital!

Like the Bodhisattvas, I have walked the roads of wealth and poverty, of feast and famine, of having and not having, and throughout it all what has resonated most resoundedly, and has sustained me, was the desire to embrace just being who I am, naturally; without pretense, make-up, or identity crutches.

This site is designed to promote the idea that beauty grows from within. In our technological world, rife with corrupt and obscure images and ideals of beauty, my message here depicted through these ads and images of my work, is in its simplest form, meant to encourage my viewers to pause for a moment from the impulse to iconoclasm, and remember to hold sacred the peace and sovereignty within the natural, beautiful, raw, YOU!

The message in all my endeavours, is to advance the idea of celebrating our natural beauty, and to advertise my intention to be a model/ representative of this concept and the idea of going gracefully and naturally through life, with a healthy, natural diet, and the simple things that maintain balance and harmony, such as movement and activity; both mental and physical.